Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will open on December 31, 2021
Abstracts are due by February 14, 2022

Registrants who have submitted payment by the early registration deadline of April 1st will have their abstracts reflected in the printed booklet.
For late registrations, abstracts will appear online only.

Only one abstract per registrant.

Please click the button below to download the abstract template. Convert your completed abstract to .pdf, save it with the corresponding author’s name in the format Last_First.pdf, and e-mail it to the High-Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Committee along with the answers to the following questions:

•             Name of the first author:
•             Email address of the first author:
•             Affiliation of the first author:
•             Indicate if first author is student:
•             If student, name of supervisor is required:
•             If student, email of supervisor is required.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your submission has been reviewed and accepted by the organizing committee. Acknowledgment of abstract submission will be in about a week after submission. Thank you!